Easy Rider Takes the GNU Original Carver on a Trip to Banff

Long time Mervin friend, Warren Currie of Easy Rider took end of the season weather and conditions into his own hands by taking a trip from Edmonton, AB to Sunshine Village in Banff, AB on his motorcycle. He sent us a written recap and a few photos of his trip for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


With the snowboard season winding down and the motorcycle season starting up, I decided to see if I could combine my two passions into one epic day.

I strapped my GNU Original Carver* to my bike and headed out on the 450 km one way trip from Edmonton, AB to Sunshine Village in Banff, AB. Leaving before 7:00 AM to be able to get in a good days riding meant that the first few hours were in temps just over the freezing mark. Once things warmed up and I made it closer to the mountains, the fun roads began – and it was a great ride to Banff. The snow conditions were great for spring – nice and slushy.  The Original Carver was right at home. After lapping nearly empty chairlifts for over 4 hours it was time to head home.

The ride home was much warmer – and the twisty mountain roads just continued the fun for the day. Arriving back home around 9:30 PM it was time for some dinner, a nice warm shower and then straight to bed.


Sounds like he had a killer time on his solo trip to Banff. Thanks Warren!! Stay rad and keep doing your thing.

*The GNU Original Carver will be available when the full 15/16 lineup drops in early August, 2015.


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