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Trust Mervin Manufacturing.

General FAQs

  • Can you send me some stickers?

    Sure send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    ATTN: High Priestess of Stickers
    153 Ruths Place
    Sequim, Wa 98382

  • Do you sell boards direct?

    We don’t sell direct, ANYWHERE! Please check our brand’s websites. From there you can shop online or search for dealers.

  • How to submit Graphics?

    Regarding submitting graphics, feel free to send us art any time through our contact page. Please don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back or if it doesn’t get used. We get a lot of submissions and sometimes it is hard to keep up. We will contact you if something catches our eye that we would like to put on a board.

  • Do you have any graphic design position’s open? What are the requirements?

    Thanks for your interest!

    Please check this link for available positions:

  • Can you help me locate a store that sells GNU bindings?

    Check the GNU Store Locator for availability.

  • Where can I Demo Lib Tech or GNU Snowboards?

    Here is a list of our Official Demo Centers.

  • Where can I order soft goods?

    You can order soft goods from our individual brand sites:

  • Just wondering with Magne-Traction do you sharpen edges in the normal way or do you need a special tool etc?

    We have a Magne-Traction Edge Tuning Tool available for sale online:

  • I just purchased a 2010 Skate Banana 159 Wide and was wondering what size hardware is to be used with my bindings 12mm? 14mm? 16mm? 18mm?. Last year I had a skate banana and couldn’t find the right size (either too small or too long) and it messed up the base of the board.

    Hardware length varies with each brand and can vary with each model of binding. You want a minimum of three full screw turns engaging the board threads.

Warranty FAQs

  • What is Mervin Manufacturing’s warranty policy?

    All products made by Mervin have a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects from the date of purchase from a Mervin Authorized Dealer. Further, this warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, excessive abuse or misuse by riding things other than snow, impacts due to your steering problems, cosmetic issues or modifications you made. You must keep your sales receipt when you purchase a Mervin Manufacturing product. This is your proof of purchase and you will need to show this if you need to warranty your product. The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and is void if your product was purchased from another person or an unauthorized dealer (including, without limitation, Craig’s List, EBAY, etc.) There is a list of Authorized Dealers on Mervin’s website.

    If you think you may have defective product, you can take it back to the place of purchase or any Authorized Mervin Dealer. The Authorized Mervin Dealer will take a look at the product and help you determine the best course of action. The Authorized Mervin Dealer will call Mervin’s warranty department and get a RETURN AUTHORIZATION (RA) NUMBER so that the product can be sent to Mervin and inspected. Alternatively, if you purchased the product from an authorized online dealer, you can contact the Mervin warranty department and arrange to send the product back to Mervin yourself. An administration/postage and handling fee may be charged if the product is returned to an Authorized Mervin Dealer that is outside of the country where the product was initially purchased. For product purchased online, the “country of purchase” is the location from which the online dealer shipped the product. Warranty claims made in the country where the product was purchased may still incur an administration/postage and handling fee unless prohibited by local laws. ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SALES RECEIPT AND AN RA NUMBER.

  • Do I need to register my Mervin Manufacturing Product to qualify for Mervin’s warranty?

    Your Mervin product currently does not need to be registered for warranty. You will need a valid proof of purchase from an authorized Mervin dealer to pursue your warranty claim.

  • Do I or the shop need RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION # to return my product to Mervin?

    Yes. Individuals or shops CANNOT return product to Mervin Manufacturing without an RMA #.

  • How long will it take to get my product (board/bindings) back once I send it in?

    Once we receive your product at our where house please allow 5 days for us to process the claim and determine whether your product will be replaced, repaired, or denied. We normally ship replacement product using Fed Ex Ground so please factor in return shipping time for your return to address. If you choose to expedite the shipping method of your product to us we will in most cases reciprocate and ship it back to you using the same expedited method that the sender used.

    For example:
    If you send your board to us 2nd day air, we will send it back to you 2nd day air.

    If it is determined that your product is to be repaired please allow 10 working days for our technicians to do the repair work and the final tuning/buffing of your board (“good as new”).

    General tip:
    It is always helpful if you have a backup setup to ride while your board/binding claim is being processed.

  • Will Mervin pay for the shipping costs for me to send the board back to them? Can they send me a call tag to have the board picked up?

    No & No. Our basic warranty shipping policy is that the customer or shop pays to ship the product back to us and we pay to ship the repaired/replaced or denied product back to the customer or shop.

  • I have a problem with my board that concerns me, but I can’t send it back right now because it is still rideable and there is too much pow pow. Can I ride the board for a while (the season) and send it back to Mervin when the snow melts?

    Yes. Contact one of our warranty technicians as soon as you start having a problem with our product. Send us your receipt copy and digital pictures of your “defect”. We can keep you shredding until you are ready to part ways with your shred tool.

  • What happens if Mervin is out of stock of the product that I need to have replaced?

    Sometimes if it is late in the season Mervin will replace your board with next year’s model of your product. Other times Mervin may replace your product with a comparable product model after consulting with you for an alternate replacement choice.

  • Can Mervin fix my board because I hit a rock on accident?

    No. We’re sorry you incurred damage to your snowboard that is not covered under warranty, but unfortunately we are not a snowboard repair shop. We will be happy to help you find a good snowboard repair shop near you to do the repair.

  • How often should I call or email to check on the status of my warranty case?

    Please keep the calls and emails to a minimum regarding your claim and always give your RMA # when inquiring about your case. The less calls and emails we get the more time we have to take care of your case.

  • How can I get spare parts for my Bent Metal, GNU, or Roxy Bindings?

    Try taking your bindings back to the shop that you purchased them from first. The shop should have parts to service your bindings or if they don’t they can contact us and we can send out the needed parts to the shop. If this is not possible contact us via our replacement parts request form. Include digital pictures of the broken or missing parts. Specify brand/model/size/year of your bindings and designate left/right, toe/ankle, etc… Provide your receipt for the bindings to us by fax or email. If your bindings are still covered under warranty we will send you the replacement parts free of charge. Include a shipping address and phone number. The address cannot be a PO Box as Federal Express does not ship to PO Boxes.