Fredi Kalbermatten and Sammy Luebke Top the Podium at the 2015 Champery Banked Slalom

Lib rippers Frederik Kalbermatten and Sammy Luebke took home first and second place (in that order) at the 2015 Champery Banked Slalom at home in Switzerland! Fredi ripped through the course while testing prototypes of his new tapered directional “Swiss Knife” hard carving freestyle snowboard model and was able to take home the gold. Sammy, who also snagged second overall in the 2015 Freeride World Tour, was not far behind on his trusty Lib Tech TRS (Total Ripper Series). Lib Tech photographer Tim Zimmerman was there to catch all the action.

Also in the race was GNU rider Forrest Burrki who was looking solid on his 2015/16 Swallow Tail. Yeah Burki!

Congrats to Fredi and Sammy on charging hard and winning the top podium spots!

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