Tech Tuesday Names the Travis Rice Pro One of the Best Boards of 2015

The 2015 Travis Rice Pro was named one of the best boards for 2015 by Snowboarder Magazine’s weekly Tech Tuesday. Travis Rice has been working with us for many years to improve his pro models and make them some of the best snowboards on the market. This board is a culmination of his efforts and ours to do exactly that.

T.Rice Pro Tech Tuesday

“The Lib Travis Rice board has everything you can ask for from Lib Tech. It is C2BTX, which is a more aggressive rocker and camber story. It also comes in a blunt nose in the smaller sizes for the park and a pointed nose in the larger sizes for the backcountry. It’s aggressive enough for a more advanced rider but also because of the shape, it’s forgiving enough for an intermediate rider to cruise around on. Plus, T-Rice is one of the greatest snowboarders around.”  – Surfside Sports, Costa Mesa, CA

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