Nicolas Müller’s Unreal 2016 Early Release

Nicolas lives the dream on his snowboard. A dream he created one perfect turn, iconic method and mind bending video part at a time. Nicolas’ snowboard dream has made the unreal a reality and with the Gnu factory and design team at his disposal he has finally made the board he needs in order to never wake up, Müllair Snowboard

Nicolas Müller’s first pro model snowboard! Photo by Luca Crivelli

This environmentally friendly directional dream stick hangs methods to the moon, nose butters for kilometers, blows up powder muffins and rips the hard pack in both directions. Environmentally built with recycled UHMW sidewalls, bio beans top material, renewable cellulose bio fibers, low VOC epoxy resin and an FSC certified aspen core. Grab in front of the bindings and feel and look Unreal doing it.

1516 GNU Nicolas Müller Snowboard

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