Chile Con Pollo in the Newshow!

Early last week Chile Con Pollo dropped on SnowboarderMag.Com (If you haven’t seen it, its a must watch!). Max and Gus Warbington, Blake Paul, Mike Rav and the film talent Jon Stark, set out to the Southern Hemi for the snow that they so dearly missed. They got the groomers they itched for, but went far beyond, into depths of the higher functions of the brain, and harnessed a creativity that may only be found as foreigners. They created Spanglish Magic. A concoction that was so spicy, so hearty, and full of meat that it demands to be on your visual menu. Stan from Yobeat seemingly had similar feelings.

Among many of Stan’s opinions expressed on the Newshow, this is one of them –  “I think this could be the year of Blake Paul… Blake Paul is Blowing up.” Its a hard fact to deny.

Yobeat’s Newshow 9/23 

Chicken Meat Presents Chile Con Pollo 

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