Phil Hansen’s Pockets are Swollen – 1st place at Tactics Northwest Jam

The talent came out for the Tactics Northwest Jam 2015. The Washington-Jefferson park in Eugene, Oregon fled with the top rippers from all over the West Coast with names like Dern, Lockwood, Kowalski, and Siljeg. With a $8,500 purse at stake, a sprawling plaza, deep tranny, and some hometown advantage for many, this one was not for the light-hearted.

Many wild lines, notably Cody Lockwood’s Bacon strip transfer line and Dalton Dern’s back-to-back McTwists. Lib’s Sky Siljeg stole the crowd’s gaze with a PSYCHO tailslide revert in the deep end, a frontside boneless that put a crick in the neck of spectators and competitors, and gapped the entire back bank wall.

Phil on his pill set out to put a hurting on each feature at WJ. Noseblunt the down bar, Feeble backlip the flat, overhead Indy, Texas Plant at the end of the Bacon Strip; truly a jack-of-all-trades. Thanks to Tactics and supporting sponsors, Phil Hansen’s wad grew $4000 fatter last Saturday.

Thanks for having us Tactics ! Thanks for skating Sky and Phil ! Thanks for film and photo Sean Lucey !


Look out for Phil and Sky at the 3rd Annual Lords of Seatown – Marginal Way, Seattle WA – Sunday September 13th

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The Technologically Tougher Pill and Rat Tail 

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