Surfers Village reviews the Puddle Jumper

Mobile-Slider-surf-puddle-jumper-01A huge shout out to Surfers Village for the rad article they did about the …Lost x …Lib Puddle Jumper – our first release in a series of mind blowing shapes by Matt Biolos/…Lost Surfboards and made (Dang Hard to Ding) with our very own Eco-Iso Surfboard Technology.  Mike Olson also gives you the best breakdown your ever going to get of our Eco-Iso Surfboard Construction. Surfers Village wrote one of the most in-depth Puddle Jumper reviews yet and we are stoked on it. Be sure to give it a read and share!

“It’s not everyday you can buy a new board, throw it down in the surfshop parking lot and then jump on it (bouncing up and down for good measure). The only time I’ve driven over a surfboard was during an inebriated flat spell in Baja (we kept the boards under the truck so they wouldn’t blow away). Now for the clumsy, careless and occasionally intoxicated, Lib Tech has launched one of the world’s strongest surfboards.” – Bryan Dickerson (

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