Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge 2015

Central Oregon is a wild place. A high dessert, always increasing its capacity for outdoor lifestyle activities, with more kombucha, kim-chee and microbrews than you can shake a Stand Up Paddleboard paddle at. With Mt. Bachelor in the city of Bend’s backyard, it has become the home to a grip of snowboarding talent and one of surfing’s living legends, Gerry Lopez. Known as big wave/Pipeline pioneer, and more recently local Mt.Bachelor ripper, Gerry has borrowed the judging traits of a surf contest, complimented by a course that encourages surfy manuvers on snow, creating the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge.

The depth of your bag of tricks didn’t necessarily decide your place. The top of the heap was instead determined by the more subjective, more visceral criteria: Style, Power, and Flow. Runs were evaluated on ability to string together a line atop a handful of frozen waves, with a mixture of airs, hacks, slashes, flips, floaters, and even an air reverse.

The weather came in and out with the tides…  Snow at 9 , Sun at 12, Snow 2, Sun at 5. Needless to say riders were frothing, Surf legends were in attendance, and everyone got what they came for.


Kane  – Mens Open
1. Forrest Devore
2. Tucker Andrews
3. Jonathan Sischo

Wahine –  Womens Open
1. Ashley Thornton
2. Desiree Melancon
3. Barrett C Cummins

Makule – 40+
1. Todd Richards
2. Chris Roach
3. Gordon Boehm

Keiki – Groms
1. Matteo Sultane
2. Alder Butsch
3. Elijah Pyle

Pro Surfers
1. Kody Kerbox
2. Kohl Christensen
3. Joe Curren

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