Nicolas Müller Featured in “10 Riders You Should Look Up To. And Why”

Nicolas Müller Portrait by Tim Zimmerman

It goes without saying that Nico is one of those riders that every rider could, and should, look up to. The Inertia spelt it out in their section featuring Nicolas Müller as a rider you should look up to, and why. Not only is he a VERY good, natural snowboarder (some might say snow is to him like thunder is to Zeus), he is a very good person who sticks to what he believes in and has a calming spirit that spreads good, fun vibes wherever he goes. Shred on, Nico!!

Beyond that, it takes balls to turn down energy drink money year after year and instead promote a balanced lifestyle, vegetarianism, and deep appreciation for the gift of snowboarding. Always kind and soft spoken, Müller leads by example not an inflated ego. The world needs more people like Nico. – Nate Deschenes / The Inertia

Be sure to keep up with Nico on his Instagram and Facebook Page.

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