Kaitlyn Farrington and Maria DeBari Embark on the #almostfamousvolcanotour!

Kaitlyn & Maria #almostfamousvolcanotour

Maria DeBari, Kaitlyn Farrington and Freya Fennwood are embarking on a 6 week long splitboard adventure to climb and ride 25 volcanoes in the Cascade Range. Beginning with Lassen Peak they are working their way north and ending in the Pacific Northwest. All three girls aim to complete the whole tour, with a few friends joining up along the way. The trip will finish up at Mt. Baker, with a larger crew of women joining to celebrate the final volcano with fireworks and champagne in a proper finale to this ambitious tour. The #almostfamousvolcanotour is going to be a first for women’s snowboarding and they will be putting their equipment, technique, and tenacity to the test. Maria and Kaitlyn are riding the 15/16 GNU x Pendleton splitboards that honor 100 years of the National Park service with Mt. Rainier National Park graphics. They are taking their splits on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the National Parks and beyond over the next month. Checkout some of the first photos from their trip..

Group Shot #AlmostFamousVolcanoTour
Mt. Weird #almostfamousvolcanotour
Kaitlyn Spitboard Posted #almostfamousvolcanotour
Onward! #almostfamousvolcanotour

Here’s a few words from Maria about what sparked the adventure and how they came up with the list of volcanoes they would set out to explore as they seek Mt. Weird.

I went to see the sage who lives deep in the backwoods of Washington. “Oh wise one,” I asked him, bowing at his feet, “Where can I find winter in the Pacific Northwest?” 

“It’s simple,” he replied with a smile. “You must go to the top of Mt. Weird. There you will find winter. And you must bring Kaitlyn Farrington: she can feel the energy.” 

I went home and took out my map. I did not see a single Mt. Weird listed anywhere on the west coast. Kaitlyn mentioned it could be called by another name. We narrowed it down to 25 volcanoes that might possibly be Mt. Weird, and off we went to California to begin our quest.

Lassen Peak was not Mt. Weird and we found summer there. Mt. Shasta likely could have been Mt. Weird. Very possibly the weirdest place I’ve ever been. We found winter on Pelican Butte and rode powder! The winds almost kept us off Mt. Mcloughlin, but we made it! The winds had definitely blown winter away though. 

So our journey continues North, and we will not know until we’ve been up every volcano whether or not we’ve found Mt. Weird. 

To be continued…

Maria, Kaitlyn, and Freya are already inspirational for their accomplishments on the snow and off. Their fun approach to this tour is worth a follow, check them out and send them encouraging “likes” along the way! @kaitlynfarr @mariachi_d @freyafennwoodphotography

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