Mark Landvik Featured in Intertia Article – 10 Riders You Should Look Up To. And Why.

Mark Landvik throws a method at Baldace

Lib Ripper Mark landvik is the man, and The Inertia took note of that in their recent article, “10 Riders You Should Look Up To. And Why.“. Mark is one of those rider’s with natural style and an urge to be the best rider he can be every time he hits the mountain. Whether it be a hand-built kicker session in Jackson with Travis Rice and E-Jack or having an epic pow day in Alaska he is always lifting people up around him and brings good vibes wherever he goes. Lando is definitely someone the young riders of today should look up and aspire to be like as they develop their riding and approach to snowboarding as a whole.

Even in his early years, Lando rode like a man. Far from playing dress up and prancing around — as done by many of today’s young riders — this native Alaskan has taken a no bullshit approach to snowboarding, and in doing so has been as forthcoming and focused off his board as he is on it. – Nate Deschenes / The Inertia

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