Kjersti Buaas Wins the Nine Queens Big Air Contest

The Nine Queens is a wrap, and this year’s progressive event in Austria saw many personal firsts and some never before landed tricks. The field was stacked with some of the best freestyle women in skiing and snowboarding, the feature setup was one of a kind, and the girls pushed it from sun up to sun down. After the super session, where Jamie stomped her first fs 10, the final day featured a one-hour jam session in a Big Air contest format. Kjersti Buaas walked away the Queen with consistent riding, effortless style, and an Unreal bs 540 Japan all while riding a GNU B-Pro. Cut to 2:05 to see some her winning hits. Checkout the full recap here.

“I am so surprised to be on top of the podium, because I came up here this morning super tired and wasn’t sure how it would go. All of the sudden, I’m trying stuff that I know I can do and actually got a front 1080 which is my first ever. It’s an amazing feeling.” – Kjertsi

Congratulations Kjersti!!

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