The 2015 Pass It On Project Has Begun!

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It is now the 3rd year of the #PassItOnProject and we could not be more stoked for it. The Pass It On Project is a collaboration between us (Lib Tech), Asymbol and snow riders around the world. In line with this years on-going celebration we honor Jamie Lynn with a custom 2015/16 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Rat Tail snowboard that is not even available to the public yet. The board started with Jamie up at the Lib Tech Factory where he approved it and took it up to Baldface Lodge and is begun it’s journey to be passed from snowboarder to snowboarder around the world. The board was ridden by Jamie and a few others at Baldface and was then given to Pat Bridges as he ventured down to California. It has since been passed on again and we are excited to see where it will end up next. Here’s a little message from Asymbol featuring the legend himself…. Jamie Lynn.

The #PassItOnProject began in 2013 with a simple idea: what if we set Travis Rice‘s personal snowboard free into the world, to be passed from rider to rider? Where would it go? What would people do with it?

What if you get the board?

Lucky you. You’ve got 3 days to ride the board, then pass it on. Here’s some more guidelines to follow when the board is in your procession:

• Treat this board like it’s your own, be nice!
• Do something creative with it!
• Post photos of it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Google+
• Hashtag photos with #passitonproject and #yearoftherattail
• Add artwork to the topsheet.
• If you break it, fix it.
• Ride at your own risk.
• Upon receiving it, pass it on within 3 days to someone you trust and know will treat it like their own.
• Remember, the fate of this board and this project is in your hands…

A special thanks to our #passitonproject partners Asymbol, Travis Rice and Jamie Lynn.

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