Mervin Manufacturing is the hands-on board-building factory where boards can go from dreams to reality under our feet in 24 hours. When we think about a dream board we include not only how it rides, feels and looks but, the entire manufacturing process, every material selected and every hand that touched it along the way.

When Mike Olson and I founded Mervin years ago it was very apparent that the composites industry is very toxic whether it be: surfboards, airplanes or skis…but there were choices to be made and safer alternatives. In many cases the environmentally safer materials or process often didn’t cost much more, it was just further off the beaten path or required a bit more skill and craftsmanship to implement. Surprisingly we also found the safer, environmentally friendly option in most cases resulted in a better riding higher performance snowboards. Having our own factory and controlling every step of the build process from start to finish allows us to make these key decisions and activate real change with immediate environmental and performance impact. 

In the 80’s, our environmental snowboard efforts were often met with ridicule or confusion but today we are excited that people are much more aware of how small, fragile and interdependent we are as citizens of this earth. A few decades back Norm Nelson joined the Mervin team and became our own eco-hero and environmental process consultant. Norm has put together a short video that sheds some light on the everyday environmental materials and process efforts that help make Mervin Made boards dream boards.

– Pete Saari co founder Mervin MFG

For more information on how every day is earth day at Mervin Mfg, checkout our EnvironMENTAL page.

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