Jamie Anderson On The Celebrity Apprentice

Jamie Anderson at HCSC

Jamie Anderson was able to put the business side of her skills to the test on this season of Celebrity Apprentice!  It’s cringe worthy entertainment and Jamie was emerging as the most sane, grounded, and genuine competitor in the bunch. In the season premier she gracefully avoided the drama and tears that consumed many of her celebrity teammates, masterminded a pie recipe even the Cake Boss loved, and confidently handled an interrogation by the Donald.

However, Jamie ended her Celebrity Apprentice appearance and was fired last night but don’t feel sorry for her.  She made it out with her dignity and grace, and she was good and ready to get back to the mountains.  Like she said… the mountains are calling her name! The Donald fired her after her team failed to win their Cosmo Magazine photo shoot project challenge. As you can see in this interview, Jamie makes it clear Celebrity Apprentice was not her environment and she is VERY excited to get back to the mountains. 

Jamie Anderson Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

Despite losing that challenge Jamie is currently featured in Cosmo mag with her Ladies Choice Gold edition signature board… so she came out of this cat fight unscathed and looking pretty golden!

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