Ted Borland’s Full Part from Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac

Lib Ripper Ted Borland navigates the streets and side country with his classic big smooth style in this ripping full part from the Think Thank Almanac. Ted shreds the Box Scratcher and his Kraftsman collection Lib Tech Storm Factory outerwear through a powerful display technical creative flow and massive features.  Check it!

Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac

The planets have aligned, the crops yielded their bounty, the charts were correct and our snowboarding predictions have come to pass! This is the Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac 2014; spins, slides, styles, monsoons, slashes, nourishment, motels, Delores, barley refreshment, galaxies, friendship, drought and the body’s humors all played out in the pantheon of snowboarding. Get it on iTunes.

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