Chris Rasman on The Inertia – Aggro or Not, This Is Who I Am

Lib Ripper, Chris Rasman, recently wrote an article for The Intertia titled “Aggro or Not, This Is Who I Am“, and it’s awesome. Chris talks about his lifestyle and what pushes him to take life by the horns and charge at whatever is put in front of him. Along with this he goes into what you NEED to remember so you don’t let your guard down in those moments when you need it the most. Give it a read! Insightful stuff from one of the guys who continues to push the limits with his riding to help progress snowboarding as we know it. Right on, Chris!

Chris Rasman

“And moving forward, I want to keep pushing my snowboarding for myself — it’s kind of what keeps me going. As long as that little inner contest with myself is still going on, I’m going to keep pushing boundaries.” – Chris Rasman

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