Mervin Made

We’re headed to the Downtown Throwdown in Boston and stopping by Denver and Calgary along the way to skate, high five, watch shred movies, knuckle bump, reminisce and generally just get stoked for another epic year!

Mervin Made is an interactive, entertaining, event, activation, appreciation day that features Mervin’s riders, founders, history, and tech stories through the minds and identities that created them. All the components that comprise the very different brands will be available for an amazing day for guests coming from shops in the respective territories. For those who attend these events, they will have the chance to create their own Mervin story with; Live “Stump” skate demo happening in the city of the event, presentation of brand origins from the founders, the progression of board tech as told by the riders that helped to pioneer it, the availability of being with the riders that put Mervin in the spotlight, the ripping sounds of Jamie Lynn and Wes Makepeace, visuals by Tim Zimmerman, Jamie Lynn, Jesse Burtner and others. All of this topped off with a premiere/after party featuring Think Thanks’ double feature of Right Turn Left Turn & Almanac. Because it is the stories that make Mervin Made.

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