Mervin and Snowboard Connection’s to Mt Baker Trip

Story and Photos by Mervin’s NW Rep Ryan Davis, Moonshine NW

So… you can plan a trip and get a crew somewhere that is epic more times than not, like Mt. Baker Ski Resort. You can put up a crew at a nice cabin that is owned by your rad(ish) local Mervin rep. You can bring great Lib and Gnu boards for all to ride and make good food and get drunk… You can set up the Glacier Games and shoot BB-Guns, play nail and host a best Method contest…

What you can’t plan is to have the sun come out after 10 solid days of snow in the North Cascades, get Jamie Lynn and Wes Makepeace to play live music in your living room and the trailer that you restored with your dad… You can’t plan everyone having the best time of their lives shredding Mt. Baker for two days with great visibility, kickers everywhere, fresh snow and live music from Tittyfish…

I guess that is what happens when you combine the best dang board builders in the world (Mervin Mfg), with Sno Con, a shop that gives so much to the community of the NW and employs the raddest shop dudes on Earth.

I get to do cool things in my travels… but this was hands down one of the best trips of my life. Thank you Sno Con, Mervin Mfg, Mother Nature, Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace and Mt. Baker for making this trip what it was. The best ever.

Glacier Games:

  • Overall winner : James Reuter
  • Number two : Johnny Lupo
  • Number three : Paydon
  • Best Method : Nick “Nipples”
  • Best POW Slash : Brek

You guys are all winners! Thank you for this life : Ryan Davis