Limited Edition Early Release of Forest Bailey’s Space Case!

Gnu’s Pickle Technology – Balance Through Asymmetry, EC2, and Magne-Traction Make Space Case Travel Available Earlier than Ever Thought Possible!

Near Canada, USA – On Forest Bailey’s journey to Mt. Weird he found a balance through asymmetry best summed up by Gnu’s newest Limited Edition Early Release, the Forest Bailey Space Case EC2 PBTX. The Space Case resolves the anatomical oddities of sideways sliding with its A.S.S. (Asym, Sym, Sync) Pickle Technology. The EC2 includes Banana Tech which floats through time and powder in at least two directions, and elliptical camber in the tip and tail for end to end stability, to come back down with control and power. Complete with graphics depicting Mt. Weird, Forest’s Limited Edition Early Release Space Case is a path to the outer limits, that is available at retail stores and online at

The A.S.S. Pickle Technology in Forest’s Space Case is designed to work in harmony with your body’s natural asymmetries; the different turning mechanics required for heel side and toe side turns. The asymmetric sidecuts and construction balances the strengths of each side, enhancing control and performance. The EC2 is the the perfect quiver killer contour, rides halfway between Banana Tech and C2, EC2 is Banana Rocker between the feet and elliptical camber beyond. The Magne-Traction gives edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack.

Forest Bailey is an X-Games winning, highest ollie at Mt Hood cracking, and Japan Rail victory grabbing solar system. The Forest Bailey Space Case EC2 PBTX with this limited early release is making anti-gravity travel available earlier than thought possible!  This board will be making its full launch in the Gnu line-up in 2013/2014

Board Specs:

  • EC2 PBTX
  • Asym Twin Shape and Geometry
  • Asym. Mervin AG / Aspen Core
  • Magne-Traction
  • Sintered Base
  • Sizes: 150, 153, 156
  • MSRP: $579.95 USD


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