Ray Troll ‘ing the Factory

While exploring rumors of a live trilobite sitings between Dungeness spit and Ediz hook and on tour for his latest book “Something Fishy This Way Comes” Ketchikan Artist and musician Ray Troll took a little detour out of the “bass lane” into the shred zone with a visit to Mervin MFG the world’s most environmental snowboard facory.

Ray Troll, Pos, Nick Russian
“I had an EXCELLENT time touring the shop. I was blown away by the number of workers and the incredibly cool art being made there. Huge THANKS again for setting this up.” Ray Troll

Ray is the author and illustrator of many books including Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway and Planet Ocean. Ray did the graphics for Temple Cummins Billy Goat Model a few years back and it looks like we will be working with him again soon. You can see Ray’s art all over the Northwest check his website. www.trollart.com

Spawn Till You Die.

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