Ebay Statement

Mervin Mfg, purveyors of Lib Tech, and Gnu products worldwide, have gone to great lengths to chose partnerships with the finest, most professional snowboard shops on the planet. We would like you to support these shops because they have spent the time and money it takes to guide you to the best possible Gnu or Lib Tech board that fits your needs. Our authorized dealers do not sell our products on EBAY because there is no way to insure that you get the best possible service. EBAY sellers have used other means to buy boards from us and, unfortunately if you by a board on EBAY, which is not an authorized Gnu of Lib Tech dealer, it voids any warranty that would otherwise be available for you. Please buy safe and purchase our products through AUTHORIZED GNU or LIB TECH DEALERS ONLY! A complete list of our authorized dealers is available on this site.