Sponsor Me?

Thank you so much for your interest in riding for Mervin Manufacturing! We really appreciate Rippers like you riding our boards and riding strong! Unfortunately, our team is full for this season and we are not seeking new team members.

One thing you can do to get your self some exposure is to ride in contests at your local mountains, get to know your local Mervin shop and even your local Mervin rep. It also helps to get to know a good photographer and videographer as they can also help with the exposure aspect by getting you into magazines and videos. Shops and Reps are really the key if you ask most Professional Riders (Danny Kass, Barrett Christy, Jamie Lynn, ect.) they were all first noticed by a Rep and first sponsored by a local shop. Camps and Mountain Schools are also the latest ways of getting trained and noticed, but remember the competition is tough make sure you want to take it to that level.

My suggestion is to start at your local snowboard shop that you believe in and support. Talk with the owner about any contest series in the upcoming winter. Shop owners have a huge influence in the industry. They have a relationship with manufacturers and can help give startup talent a push by putting them on the shop team and entering them in contests through the shop. Shops can also help get you on the product you want to ride at a discount. Snowboard Shops are a rider’s best friend and they will help you find out if you have what it takes to be a Pro Snowboarder.

When a company sponsors you, they are investing in you so make sure you want to perform at pro level all the time. It takes more than just being a great rider (there are plenty of great riders out there). Here at Mervin Manufacturing it is tough to get on the team, but who knows if you have the right attitude and are a positive influence in the industry and want to represent us things can happen. Being so good, that a company is willing to give you product and even pay you money is quite an accomplishment and not something that comes easily. It has become a very competitive sport and can go from “ fun with your friends” to “ a serious job “ by adding the ingredient sponsorship.

Good Luck with your riding this season, and if you are really ripping it up next year, you never know, we may come looking for you!

Above all snowboarding should be FUN!

Trust Mervin Manufacturing!