How long will it take to get my product (board/bindings) back once I send it in?

Once we receive your product at our where house please allow 5 days for us to process the claim and determine whether your product will be replaced, repaired, or denied. We normally ship replacement product using Fed Ex Ground so please factor in return shipping time for your return to address. If you choose to expedite the shipping method of your product to us we will in most cases reciprocate and ship it back to you using the same expedited method that the sender used.

For example:
If you send your board to us 2nd day air, we will send it back to you 2nd day air.

If it is determined that your product is to be repaired please allow 10 working days for our technicians to do the repair work and the final tuning/buffing of your board (“good as new”).

General tip:
It is always helpful if you have a backup setup to ride while your board/binding claim is being processed.