Mervin Mfg. Opens Global Headquarters in Seattle’s Most Environmental Office Building

Mervin Manufacturings new global headquarters are located in STONE 34 the first building approved by the Seattle City council as part of its “Deep Green Pilot Program”. Designed to be one of the most efficient commercial office buildings in the country the building reduces water and energy consumption by more than 75% of comparable buildings and use at least 50% of storm water on site. In compliance with the Deep Green program water and energy usage requirements Stone 34 provides real time monitoring to measure energy consumption.

Mervin Mfg.'s New Global Headquarters

“We are stoked to be in a building that reflects and builds on our longterm commitment to environmental manufacturing practices that include; over 30 years Zero Hazardous waste, use of FSC certified wood core materials, Eco Sublimation graphic application process, FDA approved UHMW sidewall, base and tip and tail materials, “Sawdust to Soil” organic composting program, Mervin Maximum Recycling program and more.” Anthony De Roco, CEO

“I have never felt better about flushing than I do with our new stormwater toilets at our new Stone 43 Global headquarters.” Mike Olson, Co-Founder

“Seattle is our hometown…Snoqualimie Summit and Alpental are less than an hour away for easy access to shred, we are across the street from evo one of our favorite dealers and the building is pushing the limits…someday all buildings will be built this way.” Pete Saari, Co-Founder

Stone43 is the pioneering project in Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program, a platform to encourage the use and acceptance of deeper, sustainable development strategies. While Stone34 earned early accolades as one of the most efficient commercial office buildings in the country, Mervin chose Stone 43 for its new world headquarters because they wanted to change their office behavior, and possibly influence other companies in the process.

At conception, Stone43 was designed to reduce water and energy by more than 75% of other comparable buildings, and capture and use at least 50% of stormwater on site. For Stone43 to meet the Deep Green requirements, Mervin had to be on board for monitoring energy and water use. To help, Stone43 provides monitoring tools for tenants to measure energy consumption.

Additionally, Stone43 provides an advanced “thermal envelope” to allow holding in heat in winter and cool air in summer, super technical elements like hydronic heating and chill beams to keep the interior comfortable for tenants and visitors. Click here to explore the details.

  • Stone 43 Green Metrics Certification: LEED Platinum
  • 75% energy less energy than a standard office building
  • At least 50% of the rainwater captured will be reused onsite
  • Provides and advanced “thermal envelope to allow holding in warm air in winter and cool air in summer
  • Active chilled beams will be used to create a quieter, more comfortable heating and cooling system
  • The PCM [Phase Change Material] Tank cools the chill water more efficiently than traditional means
  • Believing that humans are motivated to reduce their environmental impact, Stone34 features a building management system that informs occupants of their energy usage.
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