Whitelines Awards Deflower as One of the Best Snowboards of 2014-2015

The 2015 Lib Tech Deflower has been awarded one of the best snowboards of 2014-2015 by Whitelines Snowboarding! The Deflower is one of the Jamie Lynn signature boards to celebrate his 20th anniversary as a pro. Congrats Jamie!

“This carves really well on piste, with great edge hold from the Magne-Traction. The massive nose smashes through any choppy stuff, although is a little too big to fly off side-hits. In the powder it’s sublime, cruising over the top of everything and allowing you to easily rock back onto the stubby tail for big slashes. It’s perfect for drops too; even when you think you’re about to go over the handlebars after a nose-heavy landing, it just rises up out of the snow and saves you. I had a massive smile on my face the whole time I was on this, which is exactly what you want from a board like this.” – Sam McMahon

2015 Lib Tech Deflower Brick Shot

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