Lib Tech Skate presents “Lib Legs 2013 (the movie)”

Lib Tech Skate hits the road with rippers to rip ripping skateparks on unbreakable skateboards made by bitchin’ skateboarders with jobs in the USA (near Canada).  These trips are known as LIB TECH LEGS. This movie features those Legs with skating from the likes of Sky Siljeg, Mikey Swearingen, Chad Fenlon and a bunch of other rippers. It’s a veritable roadhouse style roundhouse kick to the paunch of park skating! Hide your vert! These piles love tile!


Lib Tech Legs Origin Story:
“Once in Seattle Quincy Quigg ran into a zombie Courtney Love and had to fight for his life, they made out and then he made it out with only a couple of bites, (therefore he only became part zombie), and he managed to rip zombie Courtney’s leg off, taking it home as a prize. He was inspired by this experience and made a painting of the trashy, sexy zombie leg. That painting later became a Lib Tech skateboard graphic that fellow Skunk Ape Hessian Krush Kulesza thought was “Bad ass!”. Krush, being the word smith he is, knew that “leg” was not only a leg but also a leg, as in, a section or stage of a journey, so he made Lib Tech Legs a series of journeys each to a different scraggly, hairy, misshapen, tattooed location; Vancouver, Colorado and NorCal. Sky Siljeg, Mikey Swearingen, Chad Fenlon, Jamie Jacobsen, Rion Linderman, Zion O’friel, Edwin Swagerty and Kevin VanAusdale were summoned from their various holes and handed new boards, fed fast food, brought to the biggest walls possible and set loose on a path of destructive creative freedom. Lib Tech now has three Legs in almost perfect condition and more are sprouting! As Quincy Quigg paints and Krush schemes new growth pushes out like barely concealed tumors containing hair, skateboards, bone, wheels, oil, blood, bearings and teeth that eventually, miraculously form into a new Leg for a new journey that can push mongo towards vert and tile.”

At Lib Tech Skate we are committed to making the world’s most bitchin’ skateboards! Right now skateboard Kraftsmen, with jobs, are creating state of the art decks that don’t break in the world’s most environMENTAL board factory. Using world record setting EXO-SKELETECH construction Lib Tech Skateboards got pop and they can’t stop! Lighter, stronger, more pop! Better skateboards through technology.

Lib Tech Skate is a part of Mervin Manufacturing, an innovative board building consortium and creative hub that was established in 1977 by surfer, skater, snowboarders Mike Olson and Pete Saari.

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