Home School Takes Over Second Saturday April 13

Mervin’s videographer Tim Stanford is the speaker for the next installment of the Second Saturday Series April 13, at 7:00 pm at Wine on the Waterfront.  

The Home School video series began in 1996 and ended with Home School 9 in 2009. They were videos given to friends which recapped the previous years shred and exploited a fun, adventurous action sports lifestyle which stemmed from the factory floor at Mervin Mfg. in Carlsborg Wa. Although the Home School video series is on hold, Tim continues to make videos for the largest US based snowboard manufacturer, Carlsborg’s very own Mervin Mfg.

Join Tim Stanford April 13th at 7:00pm at Wine on The Waterfront in Port Angeles as he shows video highlights from the Home School Video series as well as some of his recent work with Mervin Mfg.

A $5.00 donation is requested.

Do it for “The Ridge” man.

Please be forewarned: Some video content may include mild profanity, party footage and heavy metal music (played at respectable levels.)

The Second Saturday Series is hosted by the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club. This year proceeds benefit the “Hurricane Chasers” program which provided snowboard and winter ecology instruction for deserving youth in the Boys and Girls Club. “Hurricane Chasers” is a cooperative effort of the Boys and Girls Club of the Olympic Peninsula, Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club, SnowSchool ™, The North Face™ Explore Fund, and Olympic National Park. Additional assistance was provided by employees of NatureBridge.

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