Gnu Impossible A.S.S. Pickle Good Wood Winner 2013

Check out the review of the Good Wood Award Winning GNU Impossible Asym. Sym. Sync. Pickle from Transworld Snowboarding.

Fresh from lab weird is a new, high-tech, ergonomic pickle stick. The shape of this Asymmetrical Symmetrical Synchronized (A.S.S.) snowboard is built completely around a slight duck stance and your body’s naturally asymmetrical shape. The core, flex, and sidecut are all finely adjusted to balance how your body turns. With a new blend of magnesium fiber for explosive snap, and all the bells and whistles (Magne-Traction, Banana Camber Combo, Columbian Gold Wood Core), the impossible is now possible.

“Jeezum crowbars! This thing was amazing! It pops, it carves, it jumps, it has magical saves, and it has more stuff hidden in the fibers of its core than a Swiss army knife.”

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