Lib Tech at AGENDA

Lib Tech is at Agenda and we are Bitchin’. Thirty years of handcrafting and riding innovative snowboards, skateboards, NAS and surfboards near Canada in the USA has been absolute hell…everyone is complaining…we are bunch of bitchin board builders. Actually we love it, only one guy complains and our crew is really really good at what they do, Lib Tech is truly a family of Bitchin’ Board Builders. At agenda we are continuing the introduction of our revolutionary Waterboards. Surfcraft made from an all new environmentally friendly, rugged, high performance group of materials combined with unique shapes, concaves, and contours. We are also presenting our world record setting Lib Exo-Skeleton Carbon Composite skateboards and our new HESHO Disposable Standard 7 ply maple decks environmentally hecho near Mexico. Freedom Dolly will be introducing an entirely new spring 2013 line up of Matt French artwork on bamboo decks of all sizes from cruisers to carvers all of which are guaranteed to be unsafe at any speed. New at Agenda is our Lib Tech Bitchin Board Builders Kraftsmen line of work wear for board builders that features rugged fabrics and stitching in comfortable denim, chinos as well as other board building/riding gear. Inspired by our talented Kraftsmen crew, built to work hard, skate and hit the road to the beach or mountains. Innovations even we don’t understand!

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