Very Early Release Gnu Impossible Asym Sym Sync Pickle Arrives Mid-February 2012

New Complicated Confusing Snowboard From Gnu Naturally Makes Snowboarding Easier And More Fun!

Seattle, WA (January 31, 2012) – In a special very early release coming out mid-February 2012, GNU re-evolutionizes snowboarding with the most technologically advanced snowboard ever, the new GNU Impossible Asym. Sym. Sync. Pickle. Balance through asymmetry is taken to the next level, with the Impossible’s new asymmetry for ducks then combined with Mervin Mfg’s latest and greatest technological innovations. Customized core construction, sidecuts and contact angles are designed to allow the body and board to synchronize into perfect harmony through nearly “imperceptible perfection.”

In addition to Asym Sym Sync, elliptical EC2 camber/banana with Magne-Traction underfoot creates a fun, all-mountain ride. Impossibly strong, ultra-lightweight magnesium fiber, rugged Bio Beans topsheet material, black and blue swirl sidewalls, lightweight Colombian Gold eco wood core and a sintered base combine are brought together in the Gnu Impossible for the most technologically advanced snowboard being built today.

Asym Sym Sync is designed with the body’s asymmetry front to back, but symmetry side-to-side in mind. Snowboard turn mechanics are completely different on your toe side than on your heel side. The Duck Asym of the Asym Sym Sync balances the amount of board contact behind and in front of your feet for stable, balanced pop and float.

On the heel side, a shorter contact length allows for turns and reactions with power that are taken at an inherently lower angle. A softer flexing core construction on the heel side allows the board to flex into a tighter arc at a lower angle. On the toe side, anatomically its possible to tip a board up into a very aggressive angle of attack. The Asym Sym Sync’s mellower toe side sidecuts and longer contact are designed to balance this asymmetry creating toe edge stability and a range of turning arcs that align perfectly with the heelside turns. A firmer flexing core on the toe side provides added stability and control necessary with finely tuned toe side turn mechanics.

Curious Science and Anatomical Facts:

Available in 155cm only, for mid-February 2012 very early season release. Full size run and greater availability fall 2012.


  • Twin Asym Sym Sync. Freestyle Shape and Geometries
  • EC2 BTX Eliptical Banana Camber combo
  • Magne-Traction
  • Magnesium Fiber
  • Asym Columbian Gold eco core
  • Bio Beans Topsheet
  • Sintered Base
  • Size: 155
  • Flex: 6
  • Price: $799.95US, $849.95CDN

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