Mervin at Zumiez 100K

“100k is a party where  Zumiez invites a lucky group of snowboarders to Keystone to meet all their favorite pro skateboarders. Deprived of oxygen and plied with bottomless white wine the snowboarders launch in to awkward conversation with their skateboarding betters who frantically search the crowd around them for someone cooler.   Sorry buddy, you’re not going anywhere until you tell me what video project your working on. Also at 100k there are white tigers, Tony Hawks, reality TV stars, Small Waynes, Screech, more white wine and 1000 young people that sold a crap load of stuff at Zumiez stores nationwide.  Thanks Zumiez for inviting us and for the opportunity to experience some sort of cross between the MTV music awards, the Lost Boys hideout (Peter Pan), the other Lost Boys hideout (90s vampires) and the set for Fully Flared.  Next year, if I’m invited back, I’m bringing my snowboard!” ~Jesse Burtner

“Even without epic snow conditions, the groomers were endless and flawless.  Corduroy as far as you can see, and with all the new Mervin tech under our feet we were carving like nobody’s business.  The celeb sightings were awesome, and the whole scene was really energizing.  Thanks Zumiez for the invite, and for giving us all a good reason to celebrate!” ~ Barrett Christy

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