The Dirksen Derby: From the Eyes of Mervin NW

By Ryan Davis, Mervin NW Rep

The NW Mervin crew went to host a demo at Mt. Bachelor and to check out the Dirksen Derby. I have to say: After 23 years of attending the Mt Baker LBS… the Dirksen Derby at Bachelor is an all time event that embodies what is special about our “anti” sport.

Well done Mr. Dirksen and all of the shred community in Bend. I’ll return every year 🙂


  • Forrest Burke one footing the split race in a poncho.
  • Terje Haakonsen showing up.
  • Manifest and the spirit of ARob.
  • Meeting Gerry.
  • Blair, Matt Shredgers, JRob, Maria, Adam Haynes, Tucker Andrews, Scotty, Forrest Burke, Max and Gus Warbington all killing it on hand made Mervin boards.
  • Knowing that snowboarding is in a good place 🙂

Josh Dirksen, Scotty Whitlake, Jake Price, Gerry Lopez, Becky Kinney, the Warbington’s, Tim Lawler and the demo crew, Tory Bland and all the shred community of Bend OR.

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