Downtown Throwdown Seattle

Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown made it’s way back to Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square this past weekend and you couldn’t have asked for a better event. The weather was amazing, the crowd was large, people were stoked and the riding was off the chain.

The impressive rider list featuring past DTTD winners Ryan Paul and Nick Visconti provided a constant barrage of next level tricks for a full two hours. Any trick you could think of happened and the guest judging panel of Sean Genovese, LNP, Darrell Mathes, Johnny Lazz and Zac Marben had their work cut out for them. Jesse Burtner and Preston Strout kept everyone informed and entertained while the Snowboy Productions crew kept it all smooth.

Photos by Tim Zimmerman

When it was all over local Lib rider Stefan Krumm (who qualified at the Spokane stop of The Feeders!) definitely held his own and took home the Zumiez Destroyer award for his efforts. Scott Stevens took 5th place and keep the crowd cheering all day, Dylan Alito rode strong and took home 4th place and also scored the coveted Crab Grab “Seafood Dinner for Two” award. HD&HR and last year’s DTTD winner Ryan Paul took 3rd and $1000 for his efforts. Dylan Thompson grabbed $2500 for 2nd place with textbook tricks all day and kept the crowd stoked with a 50/50 front flip to 50/50 on the kink ledge but could not quite take down Brandon Hobush who took home the $5000 I.O.U. in his first DTTD.

All 5 of these riders who placed are signed up for the San Francisco Downtown Throwdown on Oct 29…who’s ready for the rematch?

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