2010/2011 Lib Tech Snow Site Launched

In 2006, we threw out 20 years of misapplied traditional ski cambers and introduced revolutionary industry-changing Banana Technology -rocker- placed specifically between your feet, combined with flat-to-mild cambers running from the inserts to the traditional contacts. Magne-Traction, Banana Tech, and C2 Power Banana Tech are premised on the fact that a snowboard is not a ski.

For 2010/11, Lib Tech has bunches of refined and enhanced bananas. Having carved out some massive revolutionary design changes over the past few years, our experiMENTAL division continues to push performance and environmental responsibility levels through design materials and construction. This year, Mike Olson is replacing traditional fiberglass with lighter, stronger, damper, pop-enhancing and more environmentally friendly basalt volcanic fibers. New ultra-light fast growing renewable “Columbian Gold” eco wood is being built into our boards. Top sheets are made from BEANs bio polymer and all our graphics are sublimated with water based inks, rather than industry-standard toxic high gloss lacquer systems. Lib Tech is Volcanic Organic!

Every Lib Tech is Handcrafted near Canada in the USA on Banana Way.

To see the new Lib Tech 10-11, Snowboards, Narrow Ass Snowboards, Outerwear, Luggage, Apparel and more visit, lib-tech.com

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