Mervin Announces the GNU Park Pickle

Newport Beach, CA
At the North American sales meeting for Gnu Snowboards, plans for the GNU Park Pickle were unveiled. The Patent Pending Proprietary Park Pickle Product will be included in the 09/10 Gnu Snowboard line. Based on the idea that heelside turns require more leverage than toeside turns, the Park Pick will have a deeper sidecut on the heelside. The board is a true twin shape with a centered stance so it can be ridden with either goofy or regular and includes Mervin Mfg’s exclusive use of Banana Technology.

Pete Saari, VP of Marketing at Mervin had this to say. “The Park Pickle achieves perfect balance through asymmetry, a deeper sidecut and asymmetric core on the heel edge balances your foots asymmetry and the different turn mechanics between heel and toe turns. Twin Asymmetric Banana Magnetraction design is the future of all terrain freestyle performance snowboards. Pickle Power!”

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