ESPN: Product talk with Mervin’s Pete Saari

ESPN Action Sports video maverick Drew Pattison caught up with Pete Saari from Mervin Manufacturing in NYC to talk environmentally-sound board-making, Travis Rice and Mike Parillo’s collab for the upcoming season and … skis? What the?

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  • Izzy Murdoch (6yrs)

    (transcribed to make sense by Mum)
    Hello Pete,
    My dad’s been riding Libs for approaching 20 yrs now (mainly MC’s, including the original “dimpled” top sheet camper van / bmx edition) but currently with a dark series Mag, & a few other Lib’s thrown in for good measure.
    He’s got me 3 snowboards put away already but the rub is that i’m having to learn to ski properly first, (being a girl I don’t have the same levels of strength as boys just yet).
    Dad resents buying me Ski’s so it would be easier on him if he knew there were mini-mags & mini-nas ski’s for short-arses like me!
    Do you have any reasons (other than kid’s are a pain in the arse) that my dad is unable to hook me up with a decent set of ski’s from yourselves?
    He even dislikes the fact that my first board (well you’ve got to try) is a burton, but he simply shrugs that off by telling me that “life often sucks kid”!
    My dad is very grumpy, he’d prefer to spend dollars we don’t have on a brand he actually likes.
    Love Izzy.
    Ps I know for a fact my dad sleeps with a new board in the bed, he say’s it’s an essential bonding process like in the film Avatar when they ride the dragons.
    Mum says dad is nuts but he loves his ((your)) boards.
    Love Izzy Murdoch