Gnu introduces the Agro Binding featuring bio renewable polymers

Gnu is co-opting the vast agricultural skills of farmers (a grow culture) to create the futuristic Agro binding featuring industry-leading Bio-Renewable Polymers and recyclable components. The Bio-Renewable Polymers are responsibly derived from non food-stock vegetation.

The new Agro binding along with the entire Gnu men’s and women’s binding line is making a total commitment to Fastec Technology. Fastec Technology enables smooth and easy “Backdoor” entry into plush state-of-the art ankle straps and toe cup(hockey chin) straps. Even snowboarders who prefer conventional equipment will love using the “Backdoor” if they’re willing to be a little experimental. Not only are Gnu Fastec “Backdoors” easy in and easy out, the unique precision foot registration and enhanced performance will make snowboarders never want to go conventional again.

The Mervin crew, who are revolutionizing the industry by putting Park Pickles and Skate Bananas between your legs, guarantee the next leap forward in binding technology starts with the Backdoor. The Agro model is green in color to remind you of your earth friendly binding choice. Try the Gnu Agro Backdoor!
Available this summer at a GNU Shop Near You

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  • David Tanner

    These bindings are amazing. I want them but I can’t find anyone who sells them. Have they been put out for sale yet? Where can I buy these?

  • Mat_Ninja

    I agree wit dave, where are these for sale!?

  • eric

    y0 why r they showing them when u cant buy them where can u get apair somebody please post!

  • Gregmo
  • tk

    I found them in a boardshop on Smith St. here in Brooklyn NY. Sorry dont remember the name but it’s the only one on smith which is a short street. and yes. they look sick. haven’t tried them yet

  • Rainier Boardshop has some.
    Rainier BoardShop
    20880 Hwy 410
    Bonney Lake WA 98390

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