Partnerships with Mervin

Mervin Manufacturing has a lot of different partners and sponsorship programs. Below is a list of our featured partners. If you’re interested in partnering with Mervin, contact us here.


  • Subaru
    Subaru LogoSubaru Photo

    Lib Tech is honored to partner with Subaru maker of vehicles ideally suited for heading to the mountain. Lib Tech and Subaru are on the same path of honoring both the journey and the destination of their products by engaging in environmentally responsible manufacturing and producing high performance rides. From this partnership came the ‘Libaru’, Outbacks provided by Subaru which Lib has wrapped in artist Mike Parillo’s mountain scape. Lib Tech reps will be driving the ‘Libaru’ to snowboard events, contests, and demos. The Libaru is a pack animal, with the power of many horses and is able to steadily and safely ascend and descend steep icy terrain with a large amount of shred equipment, specifically a Lib Tech reps large quiver of snowboards, signs, miscellaneous gear, and perhaps a dog. Many thanks to Subaru!

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  • Gateway Parks
    Gateway Parks Logo

    Mervin Manufacturing teamed up with Gateway Parks to help make snowboarding more accessible with their special edition series of Gateway snowboards including the Lib Tech Gateway BTX and the Gnu Gateway Pickle PBXT. Gateway Parks is on the forefront of creating urban shred oasis’ across the US from currently existing city parks. Each purchase of a Gateway snowboard supports the ‘ride where you reside’ concept, and comes with a free Weekday Warrior pass to Gateway resorts, additionally a portion of the board sales goes directly into helping build the Gateway Parks program. With their initial project Hawk Island, in Lansing Michigan, they brought North America the first urban terrain park that operates a rope tow!

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  • High Cascade Snowboard Camp
    High Cascade Snowboard Camp Logo

    Lib Tech and Gnu’s partnership with High Cascade Snowboard Camp takes snowboarding into summer. High Cascade Snowboard Camp located in Timberline and Government Camp (Mt. Hood), Oregon is focused 100% on progressive snowboarding, offering the best in exclusive freestyle snowboarding facilities. Lib Tech and Gnu bring the stoke and help the growth of the next generation of rippers providing gear for campers to demo.

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  • Heavenly Ski and Snowboard Foundation
    Heavenly Ski and Snowboard Foundation Logo

    Mervin supports the Heavenly Ski and Snowboard Foundation by providing Gnu and Lib boards for their fundraising efforts. They are a charitable organization that benefits amateur athletes by offering programs for kids in South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. Our boards support promising young riders and assist the Heavenly Foundation in providing a healthy and supportive environment for riders of all levels regardless of economic background. Their Snowboard Team handbook starts off with these words: Dream, Believe, Create, Achieve, Have Fun. We agree.

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  • Boarding For Breast Cancer
    Boarding For Breast Cancer Logo

    Gnu has been a partner of Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) for more than a decade. Established in 1996, B4BC is the original youth-focused breast cancer education + prevention foundation. Through grassroots events, year-round educational outreach and their Survivorship Fund B4BC promotes early detection and a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention. Gnu donates a portion of sales from every B-pro board to B4BC. Barrett has been a supporter and member of the B4BC family since itʼs early years and the B-pro is her board design, the longest running womenʼs pro-model in snowboarding. Kaitlyn Farrington is a B4BC team member and she spreads their message about the importance of a healthy lifestyle as she travels the world competing at the highest level of womenʼs pipe riding on her B-pro board. We are proud to be long-term partners with B4BC!

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  • Adaptive Action Sports
    Adaptive Action Sports Logo

    Mervin donates Gnu and Lib boards to the Adaptive Action Sports organization to support their riders and their fundraising efforts. ADACS is the first adaptive action sports org. to provide camps, events and programs for youth, young adults and wounded veterans living with permanent physical disabilities. They also provide top notch para-snowboard competition training and camps for athletes and are responsible for the addition of para-snowboarding in the ESPN X games and the first ever Adaptive-Snowboard World Championships. Thanks to their efforts and their accomplished roster of athletes, Adaptive Snowboard X will be a Paralympic sport at the upcoming Winter Olympics 2014. We are proud to partner with ADACS and provide them with snowboards that help them achieve their goals.

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  • Ski and Snowboard Club Vail
    Ski and Snowboard Club Vail Logo

    Mervin supports SSCV by providing Gnu and Lib boards for key riders and coaches. Snowboard program director Ben Boyd is one of the most notable coaches in professional snowboarding. He's a long time Mervin fan who understands the technology behind our boards and is continually working with us on design elements that help our boards meet the needs of Olympic level riders. Kaitlyn Farrington is currently working with SSCV and Boydy to train for her upcoming Olympic season. SSCV, Ben Boyd and Kaitlyn all share a similar goal in snowboarding... to encourage progression while keeping it FUN. That program is working very well for Kaitlyn.

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  • Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
    Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Logo

    Mervin supports SVSC by providing Gnu and Lib boards for key riders and coaches. Snowboard program director Andy Gilbert is a long time Mervin rider and he knows the value of Mervin-made boards for riders on all types of terrain. Sun Valley works with their community to create opportunities for local kids to get on the slopes. They may be well known for their Olympic skiers, but Kaitlyn Farrington got her start with SVSC and they are working with some of the best competitive amateur riders in the nation. Northwest Pride is alive and well with SVSC.

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  • Carrabassett Valley Academy
    Carrabassett Valley Academy Logo

    Mervin supports CVA by providing Gnu and Lib boards for key riders and coaches. In addition to on- hill training at Sugarloaf, CVA offers college prep academics and an indoor facility complete with it's own skate park and dual Olympic tramp beds. Snowboard program director Mike Mallon is a long time Mervin supporter and he knows how to ride a snowboard. CVA coaches like Mallon support select riders with Mervin boards and they, themselves can speak to the benefits of being on our technology.

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  • Stratton Mountain School
    Stratton Mountain School Logo

    Mervin supports SMS by providing Gnu and Lib boards for key riders and coaches. The coaches have the opportunity to experience first hand the advantages to being on Mervin boards and they are given boards to distribute to key riders each season. The SMS program is an independent school that provides learning, living, and training facilities to students. They have worked with some of snowboardings best known names and continue to provide a solid foundation for aspiring snowboard superstars.

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  • Auburn Ski Club
    Auburn Ski Club Logo

    Mervin supports ASC by providing GNU and Lib boards for key riders and coaches. Head coach Dylan Omlin is a NW native who grew up as a Mervin rider and continues to support and believe in the brands. ASC trains in Boreal, Squaw and Alpine Meadows and tailors big-mountain riding, parks, rails, and pipe to suit the needs of the athletes. Dylan and his crew work with riders from entry level up to international competitors and they continue to put their top level riders on Mervin boards because they see the difference it makes in the riders' ability to do well.

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