C2 Power Banana Video

Matt, Blair and Temple explain why they love the New C2 Power Banana Technology from Lib Tech and Gnu Snowboards.

Categories: Technology, TRUST MERVIN MFG.


  • Ryan Tabb

    The C2 Power Banana shall be destroyed; you’re going to ruin snowboarding for all of us got damn-it. I hate you Mr. Mervin and your stupid innovative designs that change snowboarding. I hope all the other industries steal your creative and intuitive concepts! Haha, very sick deck design for sure, I’m still loving my TRS, but I know not to put my banana where my mouth is. Everyone needs this deck or you aren’t snowboarding yet!

    -Ryan Tabb

  • Girl Slasher

    What the fuck are you talking about Ryan? I’ll be waiting to shit on you from the lift and shove a banana down your throat. I’ll die for Mr. Mervin and his minion workers.